Here you will find all the information for your holiday in Corfu. You can book rooms, visit the places virtual tour, you will find information on what to do, what to see during your vacation in Corfu.

The Holidays in Corfu They are full of variety. Referred to as the Emerald Isle, the Garden of Eden, the happy island and also – by Homer – as a beautiful and rich land, this island now has the great resorts, semi-hidden fishing villages. The beaches are either pebbles of sand.


A Corfu and you can expect to find yourself face to face with a surprising number of exotic birds – including pelicans. And remember Corfu e’ also famous for turtles !

With the right information at the holidays Corfu They can be quite economical. The island offers sea, sole, sand and nightlife. Just go to the right places and gather all the information in advance. Here you book ferries, and find rooms, would o Hotels that are right for you.

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Corfu – It is having been appreciated in the past by many populations, including the Corinthians, i Romani, the Venetians, i bizantini, the French and English – He has had a colorful history, as demonstrated by the architectural remains of the island: forts, museums, temples and churches . This means that Corfu You will find their influence still.

To explore the island and’ well rent a car or motorbike. Although in Corfu there are public services if you plan to tour the island is recommended to have a vehicle.

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The beaches of Corfu They are among the most beautiful of Greece. It's hard to choose which is the best. It depends on individual preferences: Sandy beaches or Pubbles? curved or hidden coves Gulfs? The Beach Pelekas it is recommended. A half moon of sand with a background of wooded hills, as in a postcard. Glyfada It is another recommended beach. For the children, consider Sidari Beach. The shallow waters and beach restaurants (with menus for children) make it a beach preferred by families with children. Similarly, Aghios Gordios It is preferred by families a little more active. Recommended him “snorkeling” (ie diving with a diving mask and tube) Here it opens a world of new colors with darting schools of fish, anemones and turtles lens, not to be missed!

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Nightlife – Nightlife – Corfu for young people

Each beach Corfu It has its own bar or tavern to keep you updated from dawn to dusk. Corfu also it has a reputation for being an island of party, but if you are looking for a quiet evening read below. There are plenty of places to relax, where you can drink in the evening, no music pounding in the background. It feels like home in the taverns of Glyfada where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset drink. Try Agios Ioannis, where the evenings are all about relaxing to eat and enjoy a good bottle of wine. Or a step back and feast on the tranquility Kalami with its beach bar.

If you want the fun night, night owls are spoiled for choice. The spot is number one Coffee. Fully packed with bars and clubs, this area never stops. or discotheques the Old Town of Corfu Town with its strip discotheques and lively bars. Or check out the harbor of Kassiopi, where you'll find bar trendy, and different sorts of cocktails.

Corfu Town If you want to see some bar bouzouki. Here it is late.

Corfu Nightlife


Corfu with youth: To visit the amusement park opened in May acqatico Corfu Aqualand – October Corfu AquaLand

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